How to beat post-holiday blues.

beating the post holiday blues

Hubby and I in beautiful Riva del Garda


This is surely the king of first world problems.

You’re lucky enough to have enjoyed a wonderful holiday, soaking up some sun, some culture and, if you’re anything like me, a few bucket-loads of Prosecco too.

Yet the dark clouds descend at the same rate as the aeroplane. Actual dark clouds in my case; par for the course when you’re flying into Heathrow, having departed from sunnier climes!

Not only are you coming home with piles of dirty laundry and a tremendous hangover, the thought of hauling your butt into work on Monday will be weighing heavy on your mind too.

So here’s my advice for how to beat the post-holiday blues — get yourself a job you bloody love!

Glaringly obvious, I grant you, but it was a realisation that hit me just this morning.

You see, I’ve been a total grump since Friday. Pity my poor husband and children. We’ve had an amazing holiday beside the beautiful Lake Garda. We’ve had great family time, lots of laughs and amazing food but as soon as the time came to pack our bags and fly home the miseries hit me like a two tonne truck.

Despite not having lived there since my student days, Italy still feels like home. Hearing the language spoken all day, every day, feels like being surrounded by a warm blanket. The glory of temperatures in the high twenties felt like a literal warm blanket (I’m one of those annoying lassies who is constantly complaining of the cold!). And the pizzas…don’t get me started on the pizzas. Mamma mia!

Coming home was a wrench. But it was also a revelation; I’ve realised that, as sad as I am to be leaving the bel paese, I’m actually pretty excited to be back at my desk this damp and drizzly Monday morning.

Because I bloody love my job!

I love the direction my business is heading in, I love that I have appointments set up with potential new clients this week. I love the pile of books I have sitting on my desk, just waiting for a free moment to dedicate to CPD. I love that I’m going to be spending the next couple of days researching a new industry. I love that I’m starting my first day back writing this wee blog post for you guys.

And I LOVE the thought that someone, somewhere might be reading this, someone with a twinkling of a business idea, a desire to get out of a career rut,  someone with the drive to build something for themselves. Someone sick of dealing with the back-to-work blues.

Someone just ready to dip their toe into the freelance life.

My advice to you, I’m going to shamelessly steal from one of the most famous snippets of copy of all time: just do it!


I defy anyone not to shed a tear or two at having to leave behind scenery like this!


Why you need to know what I’m up to this week if you’re a freelancer.


Don’t let an unexpected quiet week worry you…


I had my week all planned out, and it was going to be a busy one.

Unfortunately though, a client has had to postpone their project, leaving me with a fairly empty schedule for the next few days.

So do I wring my hands and stress about the change of plans? Nope, not a bit of it.

There are always so many ways to make the most of unexpected free time when you’re a freelancer. So if you’re in a similar position, don’t sweat it. Have a look at what I’m going to be up to this week and see if you could take on any of these tasks yourself to make the most of a quiet spell and push your business forward.



First on my list is this very post! After I’ve hit publish on this one, I’m going to have a look through my list of potential blog topics and pick a couple to write up. When life returns to its usual hectic pace, I’ll have a few posts in the bag, giving me more time to concentrate on client work.

(Wait, you don’t have a list? Make one now! Any time an interesting idea for your business blog pops into your head, write it down somewhere, ready for a day just like today).



CPD is always a hard one to fit in. I bet you have a few books on your Kindle wish list though, don’t you? I know I do! I keep hearing great things about Andy Maslen’s books on copywriting so I’m going to download one of them and do a bit of reading over the next day or two. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to join a Facebook group or forum connected to your profession in the hopes of picking up some tips from other experts? No matter how long you’ve been in your chosen field, there is always something else to learn so jump to it!


Work on new business ideas.

I’m starting a post grad course in translation next year and plan to add translation services to my portfolio at some point in the near(ish) future. So before my course starts, I’m setting aside time to refresh my Italian skills. Now, I’m not suggesting you do anything as extreme as learn a language or sign up for a uni course (unless, of course, you particularly want to…) but I’ll bet there’s an idea you’ve been toying with for a while. Offering your clients a free ebook, putting together a specific consultation package, launching a new product? Whatever it may be, this is the time to get the ball rolling.


Take some time for you.

I’ve been working pretty hard recently so bugger it, I’m going to take a bit of time just for me this week. Do you find that exercise is sometimes one of the first things to go out of the window when you’re busy? Yeah, me too. But the sun is out in East Kilbride today so I’m going to grab my running shoes and get my sweat on. And I guarantee I’ll either come back home more relaxed or buzzing with new ideas. Either way, I call that time well spent. Even if I do look like a sweaty tomato afterwards.

(Nope, I don’t look anywhere near this good when I run either.)


Looks like it’s going to be a productive week after all.