The copywriter’s role.

Do you find it hard to write about yourself and your business? Even copywriters struggle to write their own ‘about me’ pages!

Whether through lack of confidence in your writing ability, a sense of modesty or the fact that you’re just too close to your own project to see things clearly, writing your own marketing content can be one of the hardest, most time consuming aspects of running a business. Hiring a copywriter removes the pressure, freeing up your time for the business tasks you actually enjoy.

Copywriting services

How does it work?

There are a few key factors I need to consider when writing great copy.

First we need to figure out what you need from your copy.

Do you want to persuade your audience to buy your product? Make a booking? Sign up for a newsletter? Visit your premises?

Do you want to share information? Build a brand image? Create a following? Prove your experience or expertise? Build a relationship with your audience?

Now I know why I’m writing, I need to find the ‘how’.  I need to find your voice.

This is a big fear for many people when hiring a copywriter. Will my content sound like ME?

A good copywriter checks her ego at the door. A large part of the copywriting process involves research. Research to help me understand your business, your audience, your competition and most importantly, understand YOU. This allows me to tailor my writing style to my individual clients so that YOUR voice shines through everything I write.

“The brief was not to have a corporate site and she managed to completely convey my personality into the site.” Yasmeen of Avalon Consulting and Training

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